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Infrared on-line temperature monitoring system

Infrared on-line temperature monitoring system

The infrared temperature measuring system of valve hall is mainly consists of four parts: site monitoring equipment, communication network, infrared monitoring platform and client infrared monitoring.


Product Features

  • On-line infrared temperature measurement, dual / multi channel image display 

  • Set preset position, automatic inspection periodically, automatic report generation at the end of inspection 

  • Set temperature alarm threshold, prompt warning information, overheat automatic alarm, the whole process monitoring, early detection of security risks 

  • Powerful temperature data processing function, automatic storage and analysis of test data, formation of temperature trend curves and reports 

  • Independently developed PLC control system, according to the site requirements to design the operation time of the equipment, greatly extend the service life of the equipment. 

  • The whole system adopts distributed deployment, adapt to different monitoring scale, with strong compatibility and easy to expand. 

  • Support Windows and Linux system platform to meet different system requirements


A program controlled current source device     201621296931.1

A 3G wireless position service terminal    201621309341.8